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Wavefront helps start-ups and enterprise companies at any stage of their life cycle to launch and transform business models through technology. I led the redesign of the website with the marketing team as well the design of the partnership landing page.


April 2018


Sketch, InVision, Photoshop, Wordpress


Art Direction, Prototyping, UX/UI, Front-End Development

Site Redesign

My first project at Wavefront was to redesign the site. I went with a flat-style design highlighting with the bold colors of red and black.

wavefront site redesign sketch


For the design of the homepage, I wanted to be edgy and sharp with a black background so as to make any red elements pop. Specifically the red call-to-action button. It was also important to show our previous clients and partners to validate the company to the user and create a sense of professionalism.

wavefront site redesign

Program Page

Wavefront had a lot of accelerator programs available for startups. I wanted to make sure all program pages had the same structure but were differentiated enough by subtle visuals. I also opted to place all high-level program data in the right column for quick reference to important dates and fees.

wavefront site redesign

Media Kit

wavefront site redesign

Partner Showcase Page

The partner showcase pages were designed as a profile with inspiration from several social media sites. The idea was to give the user all the information they wanted about the company in a single page. We opted to include all social media accounts, addresses, a brief overview of what the company does and lastly any pdfs or brochures they had to better explain their service or product. We also decided it was important to showcase all the other partners in the right hand sidebar.

wavefront site redesign

Landing Page Design

For the sponsorship landing-page design I went with the same style of the site but even larger. I didn't want to use generic verbage so I wrote the sponsorship copy as more of a conversation. The idea was to want the reader to continue exploring and learning about the opportunity to partner with Wavefront. Asking for money is never easy but I decided to make it as enjoyable as possible.

wavefront landing page
Launch Landing Page