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Tyra Banks is an American television personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, author and former model. She is best known for the reality show America's Next Top Model. While at TwoPointO, we were hired to build out her online presence. Tyra wanted her site to focus on social issues, believable issues that girls could relate to, Tyra as an expert and not a celebrity, showing love to female empowerment and success, a realistic tonality of voice, and showcasing Tyra's realness and vulnerability.


April 2012




Design, UX/UI, Front-End Development

tyra landing page design

Site Teaser Landing Page

Tyra was in the midst of developing a new media and content syndication network. The teaser website screens were designed to dynamically pull social streams and display real time content from her various social sites as well as capture emails for site launch notifications.

tyra landing page design
tyra magazine page design

Entrance Page

Tyra had the idea to create an online magazine style website or as she called it a "webazine" as the main entry page. She wanted to feature a new magazine cover design every week as well as promoting specific topics. The questions and font could be changed based on the desired look for the cover for that particular week.

tyra magazine page design tyra magazine page design

404 Page

tyra 404 page design

Article Page

tyra magazine page design

Profile Page

tyra magazine page design

Productions Page

tyra productions page design

Category Page

tyra category page design
tyra news design


The TyraNews website was the first syndication attempt of network of Tyra Banks Owned and Operated sites. It was a video based site that focused on incremental revenue through video advertising. All content was populated through our CMS CreatorCloud using an mrss feed from content partners CelebTV.

tyra news design

Tyra's World

The Tyra World experience was a flash based interactive design that showcased Tyra's life. You could view projects she was working on, learn about her past, sign up to be a part of her inner circle, apply to Top Model or watch videos that were exclusive to her site.

tyra world design
tyra world design tyra world design tyra world design tyra world design