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Collegiate StarLeague


The Collegiate StarLeague is the premier collegiate esports league and tournament operator. They host twelve games across five platforms (PC, mobile, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo) including some of the world's top titles. They're also home to 40,000+ students, 5,500+ teams, on 1500+ campuses and over 40+ live events.


June 2018


Sketch, Photoshop


Prototyping, Art Direction, Copywriting, Development


The Lowdown

I was approached by Cineplex Odeon's video game division, Collegiate StarLeague, to come up with a landing page that would wow their potential client Epic Games. Epic Games is the studio that created Fortnite, the number one video game in the world at the moment. The pitch was to show Epic that CSL could run an amazing tournament covering North American colleges and universities.

Being that Epic had just announced an $100 million dollar prize pool for the 2018 season, it was easy to see how CSL could help build the hype of a massive tournament with a huge payout.


The Idea

The initial idea was to build a slide deck, but with the ability to add motion and video to a site, we opted to spend the extra time to create something more interactive. We had one chance to prove to them we could deliver a superior experience over our competitors.


The Focus

In a competitive analysis session, we discovered our biggest advantage over other tournament hosts was our established space in the arena. Based on that finding, we really wanted to show our expertise and past experiences with them. This was the main focal point of the landing page site.


The Strategy

After thorough research of the Fortnite site, I wanted to borrow their playful, bright, comic book style design. Each section would feature bold colors and make use of their fantastic graphics. As a throw-back to Fortnite, I decided to use slang from the game for the title of each section. This was to show that we are gamers at heart ourselves and understand the experience.


The Timeline

We had 4 days to strategize, brainstorm, copywrite, design and build. Oh, and it had to be responsive too. To save time, I designed the site completely in the browser. Most of the graphics were created in Photoshop but other than that, everything else was designed in the browser using Chrome Devtools. The time this saved us allowed for final touches such as a video background and content animation on scroll.